Qigong for Summertime

Balance the Heart-Fire

This week Master Jennifer Yu demonstrates some Qigong exercises created to balance out the "fire-natured" energy of the heart during the summertime, its most-active season.

First is from the 8 Pieces of Silk Brocade, the 5th move in the form, "Turn the Head and Wag the Tail". Second is from the Emei Mountain Qigong Lineage; Sacred Healing Sounds for the Heart and Blood; "zhen" and "dəng". Third is from the WuDang Mountain Five Elements Qigong Form; "the Crane".
The last movement requires very strong rooting and balance, and is presented in two forms for both beginners and advanced practitioners. We ask that you please only practice these exercises at your level, and build up slowly.

Please post comments and leave feedback! Tell us if you need clarification on any points, or perhaps what you'd like to see next and, as long as it's reasonable, we might post it in our next video.