Learn Happy Tai Chi & Stop Tolerating

Todays Happy Tai Chi lesson is about the harm of tolerating.

The feeling of tolerating is an emotional trap. Doing it regularly can set you up for an unhappy life because it suggests that you’re better than other people.

Tolerating is an act to acknowledge the existence of a life or situation on a superior or rejecting ground with disapproval. Momma Panda thinks this act or mindset undermines your Happy in two ways.

  1. Tolerating degrades the reason and purpose of a life or situation as inferior or less important. It’s often due to its challenging nature caused by our fear, lack of understanding or perceptions as possible burdens.
  2. It demotes accountability as an individual, a group or a society by not taking full ownership of our past and current actions.

Every existence requires and longs for validation, you and I included, my Baby Panda. Accepting is the first step towards Happy Live and let live. Value all quests on your journey, smooth or stormy. If you truly believe your way is healthier or happier, live it as a great example and share it. No coercion is needed. Others will join your way.

So the antidote for tolerating is accepting.

Accepting is an act to acknowledge the existence of a life or situation on an equal ground with or without agreement or approval. Momma Panda thinks this act is of utmost importance to your Happy in two folds.

  1. Accepting is a fundamental validation and implementation of our cherished constitutional belief that all people are created equal, which has united American people and produced our great progress and prosperity in the past short 200 plus years.
  2. Accepting empowers ownership and accountability by acknowledging all current situations of ourselves or our societies are results of our past actions & that all current actions of us or our societies as a whole are the causes for our future situations.

Every existence validates itself already by virtually existing as apart of the divine, just like you and I. Only by first proactively accepting all divine existence as equal can we bring about clear understanding of the past, productive cooperation at the present and meaningful progress for the future.

Until next time,

Stay Happy my Baby Panda!