Happiness Therapy

HappyHeart Therapy is an alternative modality developed by Master Yu to help release various agony, bitterness and unwanted sufferings that some people may experience emotionally and have difficulty getting rid of on their owns or via other conventional methods.

This holistic approach introduces simple yet profound ancient Eastern philosophies and some invaluable personal insights compiled by Master Yu to bring about a life-changing realization of what the human condition and the root cause of human suffering really are. Upon attaining this epiphany at a conscious level, easy techniques such as Breathing, EFT or Guided Imagery will be taught to help relieve the sufferings at a subconscious level.

An effective initial session usually requires 90 to 120 minutes. Due to the simple and facilitative nature of this modality, only 1-3 sessions will generally be needed before the recipient feels a complete shift of awareness and substantial relief of sufferings. The most beautiful part of this method is that it shows, teaches, and equips the recipients with wisdoms and tools that they can easily and effectively use whenever and wherever they feel the need. Hence, no long-term therapy is necessary.

Master Yu believes teaching a person how to fish is the best way to help. Since HappyHeart was developed 10 years ago, a great number of people have benefited from it, man and women, youth and seniors, professionals and artists…mostly by word of mouth. Now, for the first time, Master Yu has made this available to the public on a website, and even better thanks to modern technologies, she is accessable through Skype to show you face to face how to finally say good bye to any lingering unwanted sufferings. So, wherever you are, help is only a click away.

To schedule a confidential HappyHeart session with Master Yu, please CONTACT HER HERE or call 561-235-0939.

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