Qigong (Chi Kung)

What is Qi?

  • Qi is a Chinese word that can mean air, breath or energy.
  • In other cultures it is also called Ki, Prana, or “The Force”, etc.
  • Broadly, Qi refers to the cosmic energy that creates, sustains and operates everything in existence including humanity.
  • Narrowly, Qi refers to the organic energy that powers all programs and systems of the human body.
  • In Qigong practice, though it is often related to air and breath.
  • When we say”Qi” it simply means energy.
  • Qi manifests itself in vibration, waves, pulse, breath, light, heat, magnetic field, etc.
  • Qi is measurable and transmittable.
  • Qi carries information and is programmable.
  • Qi is neutral & everlasting in nature.

What are the sensations of Qi:

  • Warmth/Heat
  • Cooling/Cold
  • Tingling
  • Pins  & Needles
  • Swollen/bloatedness
  • Numbness
  • Static
  • Magnetic

What is Qigong? (Chee – Goon)

  • Also called Chi Kung, Qigong literally means Energy Cultivation. It contains two main categories.
  • Still Qigong: Energy cultivation without visible physical movement, i.e. various sitting and standing meditation, Yoga posture practice, spiritual praying, various energy healing with still postures, etc.
  • Moving Qigong: Energy cultivation with physical movement, i.e. Taijiquan, martial arts, Qigong Form practices, mantra chanting, spiritual drumming or singing, sacred ceremonial walking or dancing, various energy healing with movement, etc.

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