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Yu School is dedicated to provide happiness and wellness education and training via principles and modalities of Tai Chi, Qigong and more to the public, especially those who are currently suffering and under-served. Our mission is to create more emotional resilience, harmony and fulfillment to combat the growing epidemic of depression, addiction and unhappiness in modern society.

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World Tai Chi Day 2022

A Chi Kung demonstration at World Tai Chi Day 2022 by Shifu Dr. Jennifer Yu.

The false believe of “We could have done better”

Learn about the false belief of “We could have done better” with Shifu Dr. Jennifer Yu – The “Momma Panda”.

Learn Happy Tai Chi & Stop Tolerating

Todays Happy Tai Chi lesson is about the harm of tolerating. The feeling of tolerating is an emotional trap. Doing it regularly can set you up for an unhappy life […]

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Yu School is asking wellness instructors to volunteer time to offer classes to the under-served members of the community. We will list you on our website and ask you to provide a free class/workshop/screening at least once a month.

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Brian Walsh, J.D., M.B.A.

Event Director

Yu School Volunteer

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Gabrielle Siman, J.D.

Director, VP

Yu School Volunteer

Tai Chi & Qigong Practitioner

Tai Chi Instructor

MS Survivor

Marc Freeman

P.R. Director, VP

Yu School Volunteer

Tai Chi & Qigong Practitioner

Tai Chi Instructor

Musician & Jazz Lover

911 & Cancer Survivor



Russell Zimmerman

IT Director

Yu School Volunteer

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Message from our Founder

Wellness is simply a state of love-based coherence among our body, mind, spirit and surrounding. When this homeostasis is off balance, pre-mature aging, dis-ease, unloving to self/others and all human suffering begin. I know it so well because I have lived with torture, shame and guilt since a very young age. Thanks to the wellness practices and happiness cultivation, I was eventually freed from all my fears, despair and pains, and have been living in a healthy, happy and abundant state ever since. I want to share my journey with you. Hope, health, happiness & harmony are right here for your take and for you to pass on... Please join me for a wellness transformation! When ourselves feel well, our kids, families and communities will inevitably become well too. Societies and nations will become more harmonious and prosperous. Earth will have more peace as a result. The state of wellness is not just our birth right, it is actually where all of us meant to be!
Master Yu

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